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April 16, 2020
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A Guide To Slush Machines

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There are many types of slush machines on the market. Most are made for an industrial setting like restaurants and convenience stores. They are built to produce a large number of servings and can dispense multiple flavours. If you have the space then slush machines are a great way to bring customers into your place of business. The amount of space required is small when compared to the amount of repeat customers your machine can generate. The cost to operate a machine are comparable with different brands and models. The profit returns on the machine and syrup are high and can help to induce impulse buying as well.

The weight of different machines is varied, but most single flavour machines range around 70kg empty. They do require space around them for ventilation 100mm on either side being the average for most machines. Careful consideration given to the placement of your machine for customer convenience will generate sales that will offset any loss of space.

All slush machines require slush syrup. The number of flavours which the syrup is available in is astounding. Most slush syrup products will last up to five days in a machine. Talking with your customers and learning their favourite flavours will cut back on waste. This will increase your profit margin substantially by serving only the flavours that do sell and will cut the down time of your machine also by having product made to meet customer demands. Also, this will save on storage space by stocking only the slush syrup you need and can also save on employment cost as well by trimming the cleaning and set up time. The care and cleaning of most machines is a simple and easy process. The time it takes to clean will depend on the number of flavours your particular machine dispenses. An average of fifteen minutes per bowl is common. There are different types of cleaners that are available and one must be used to clean your equipment. The cleaner you choose for your machine must meet the manufactures minimum recommendations.

Most industrial machines produce up to ten litres of slush at once. Almost all have a minimum amount of slush that can be made. When starting the process of making the slush it will take approximately one hour per a ten litre bowl if done at room temperature. The time required can be greatly reduced if chilled water is used, which can help with customer satisfaction by having the slush ready for them when they want it. The decision to purchase a slush machine with proper planning and research can be a very profitable investment. One that will provide a return to you in a short span of time.


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