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April 8, 2020
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Mobile Organization Tips: Helping You Travel Smarter and Faster

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Do you travel a lot for business? Are you constantly lugging your laptop and client files around? This article is designed to provide you with mobile organization tips that will help you travel smarter and faster. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Many of us find ourselves spending more time on the road than we spend at home. Hotels are our homes away from home, our airline seats provide us with a place for a much needed nap, and we drive a brand new car each week - it just belongs to a rental company!

But that isn't even the hardest part! The hardest part is lugging all of our business documents and electronics around with us. Between our regular luggage, client files, laptop, headphones, notepads and everything else, it's no wonder we constantly feel like we're lost! If there's one thing that's certain, however, it's that we must keep everything organized so that we can maintain some sense of stability and calmness.

Ok, first thing's first. Obviously, there is more focus on security at airports than ever before. Carry-on items are being checked with incredible scrutiny, and for the millions of business travelers who have become accustomed to toting along their laptop computers when they fly, the increase in security has prompted significant changes in pre-boarding procedures.

If you're organized, however, getting through security should be a breeze. To follow are five simple mobile organization tips for moving your portable computer equipment through airport security with fewer hassles and less worry:

1. As has always been the case, do not be concerned about putting your notebook computer through the airports X-ray machine. Even though some X-ray machines may be more sensitive than they were in the past, any computer expert you ask will tell you that running your computer through an X-ray checkpoint will not damage the computer.

2. Do not turn your laptop computer on before going through airport security, unless you are specifically asked to do so. There's no reason to take a chance that your data could be disrupted or your computers operating features could be jeopardized simply because the computer is turned on as it's being checked.

3. Be prepared to remove your laptop from its case. Today's airport security often involves agents physically looking inside carry-on luggage. Mainly because you'll be more careful with your expensive piece of equipment than an agent is likely to be, its better that you remove the computer yourself... so remember to keep at least one hand free to handle your computer.

4. Don't lose sight of your laptop as it moves through security. Newly expanded security procedures have resulted in a certain amount of confusion at airport gates, and that has created opportunities for thieves to steal valuable computer gear.

5. Identify your laptop and its case clearly, perhaps by putting a piece of brightly colored tape on each piece of your equipment. Once again, in the confusion that has been created by new and more extensive security procedures, some business travelers find themselves picking up the wrong notebook computer after passing through a security checkpoint.


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